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About Asaroll

Asarol Industrial Group has 2 advanced production lines in the largest industrial area of the Middle East (Shamsabad). Also, several indirect production units also play an important role in the exclusive supply chain of this industrial group. It is important to mention that Asarol Industrial Group operates in the manufacturing and production process by using optimized and quality technologies in accordance with international standards.

Among the mandatory features of that industrial group, we can mention automatic production line, QC in all production stages, differentiation in design, management of construction cost and also customization. According to the mentioned features, today the annual production rate of Asarol factories is equal to:

Annual roll production: 110,000 (different coordinates)
Consumable bearings: 240,000 pcs
Annual production of drums: 650 pieces (different coordinates)
Belt cleaner: more than 5700 pieces