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Simple roll

Short description:

  • Pipe: from diameter 60 to 159 mm (ST37, GV)
  • Shaft: from 20 to 40 mm diameter (ST37, CK45, MO40, 304)
  • Bearing: 6204, 6205, 6206, 6305, 6308
  • Shaft type: A2, B2, threaded, flat screw, hooked and…
  • Paint: electrostatic and oil spray
  • Exclusive P6 seal and metal cap

Additional information on simple rolls

Simple rollers are designed to be installed in belt conveyors that operate at ground level and at height, for conveying loose and dry materials. The main task of the rollers is to support and protect the conveyor belt and reduce the movement resistance of the specified materials.

What is a simple roll?

Simple rollers are rollers that are made of metal and have different types. The roller is one of the peripheral equipment of transmission systems, which is very important and the importance of its production is so high that you can buy your simple roller at the best price on the Asa Roll website. Rollers are used in different sizes and models, one of these types of rollers is simple and is considered the most practical type of roller in the industry.

Buy a simple roll

Conveyor belts are the most important factor in transmission systems. To move themselves, they need moving factors known as rollers. Simple rollers are the most practical type of conveyor rollers, which are used for installation on belt conveyors. The number of these rollers is determined according to the transported materials, at what distance from each other and the belt moves on it. Protection and supply of conveyor belt movement is the responsibility of the rollers department. The main weight of the carrier is on this part, and this factor causes the product to move, which is very important.

The price of a simple roll

The price of a simple roller depends on various factors, a roller is a type of waste in the system that is used to transport materials in various industries. The roller is used in the structure of the conveyor belt. The roller is considered as the support of the conveyor belt, which by reducing the friction, is a great help in speeding up the work process, and its price depends on the use of the roller. The location of the roller is at the top and bottom of the conveyor belt. These rollers help by creating a reciprocating movement in the material conveyor, that’s why conveyors are one of the most important equipment in industries, stores, etc. Simple rollers are the main components of the conveyor belt, and for this reason, they are very important in industry, manufacturing companies and stores today.

Simple rolling task

The biggest and most important point in making and using rollers is the friction reduction power. The ability to reduce roller friction between moving surfaces affects its price. The circulation of the conveyor by the roller or speeding up the movement of the conveyor and being resistant to heavy weights makes the amount of the simple roller increase more and more.

Factors affecting the price of simple rolls

The roller is one of the most important parts of the conveyor belt, which is always subject to wear and should be given special attention. Due to the variety of rolls, many factors influence the price of a simple roll. Among the things that influence the price and purchase of simple rolls are:

Simple roller diameter
Standard simple roll
Roll quality
Materials used in the construction and material of the roller
The number of gears in the roller
Being plain or welded and…
Knowing the price of simple rolls and buying them