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The story of the creation of Asaroll

The initial idea of creating Asarol Industrial Group was started in 2013 with the support of long-term, rooted and solid presence in hard industries with the cooperation of 3 members of Asa Holding who have many years of experience in related industries. After 4 years of scientific and practical research in various fields including: designing products and equipment, standardizing products according to the needs of dear companions according to international standards, they were able to register their first production line in 2015 with the registration of Asan Ro Lavin company Open roller, drum, belt cleaner and conveyor products. Asarol’s R&D team was able to increase the productivity and speed up the growth and development process with research in international arenas. In the year 1400, the second Asarol production line was opened in the largest industrial city of the Middle East (Shamsabad) by the grace of God. At present, Asarol Industrial Group, having a specialized laboratory in the design and production department, is trying to provide a standard environment for the growth of a skilled and motivated workforce at the same time as it develops its operations, because this is an important strategic social responsibility of Asarol in the direction of youth excellence. Iran is the earth and this view has made Asarol company to be able to compete with superior powers such as steel, cement, petrochemical, oil and gas companies, national airports, government bodies, projects. power plants to have continuous cooperation.